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Three-Finger Mitt

All Tucker Safety Products Protective Apparel is completely washable and dryable and safe to use wet. You will not lose any protective qualities during the cleaning process with products manufactured by Tucker Safety Products.

For operations where commercial laundering equipment is not available, our innovative and game changing QuicKlean™ Protective Apparel is designed to be cleaned as often as necessary by hand at the 3-compartment sink.

Our traditional Poly-Cotton and NOMEX® protective apparel and products are ideally maintained with the use of commercial laundering equipment. While this apparel can be spot cleaned at the 3-compartment sink, machine washing is recommended for best results.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Use a soft scrub brush to remove excess soil
  • For oven mitts with sewn in liners, turn the mitt inside out for faster drying
  • For oven mitts with removable liners, remove liner and machine dry or hang on a Safety Station to air dry

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You Should Know
1 Why are BurnGuard Oven Mitts Better than Quilted Cotton Oven Mitts?
2 The increased compliance of effective protective apparel directly reduces operational costs.
3 63.8% of restaurant workers report that they have worked while sick - Serving While Sick ROC
4 45.8% of all restaurant workers surveyed had been burned on the job and 49% reported being cut - Serving While Sick ROC
5 BurnGuard Oven Mitts last 10 times longer than Quilted Cotton and COST LESS!
6 There is an NSF Certification for Oven Mitts used in commercial foodservice.
Testimonies - Read what our customers are sayingNSF - Tucker Safety Products is the first Manufacturer to receive a NSF Protocol Certification

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