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Tucker Safety Products Cut Resistant Gloves
Foodservice operators experience an unnecessary amount of lacerations that result in injured employees, poor morale, lost time wages and considerable costs to management. Most cut injuries can be easily prevented with properly fitting and comfortable protective products.

Our primary goal is to provide comfortable cut protection with the durability, resistance, and strength required to truly protect wearers, while still allowing for the precision and dexterity necessary to get the job done!

Tucker Safety Products Cut Resistant Gloves were designed with the end user in mind. Our gloves are available in multiple sizes, which helps ensure that a wearer has a protective product that will fit properly. Our research has repeatedly shown that given properly sized and comfortable cut resistant gloves, wearers will actually wear the protective product vs. when they are only provided with a "one-size-fits-most" approach. Imagine if shoes were only available in one size!

At Tucker Safety Products, we use new technology to construct the highest level of cut protection while providing the thinnest, most comfortable (best “HAND”) glove available today. The comfort of the glove addresses wearer concerns about loss of dexterity due to the bulkiness of competitive products. We use Spectra fibers which allow us to provide a high level of protection (stronger than steel on an equal weight basis) in a comfortable, safer product that is resistant to chemicals, water and UV Light. To ensure our cut resistant gloves are suitable for direct food contact, we have taken the additional step of adding Antimicrobial protection that will never wash out!

Finally, we offer our KutGlove™ Cut Resistant Gloves in six colors that can be used as an aid to identify sizing, application, or support HACCP.

KutGlove™ Cut Resistant Gloves

10 Gauge, Medium Weight (CE Level 5) and 13 Gauge, Light Weight (CE Level 4) Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Employee Compliance
  • Increased Dexterity
  • High Level of Cut Resistance
  • Better Fit
  • 6 Colors 5 Sizes
  • CE Tested and Certified
  • Antimicrobial Additive is NSF Certified Under Standard 51.
  • Antimicrobial Protection Guaranteed for Life of Glove


KutGlove™ Cut Resistant Glove, 10 Gauge, CE Level 5

  White Tan Red Green Blue Yellow
XSmall 94411 94421 94431 94441 94451 94461
Small 94412 94422 94432 94442 94452 94462
Medium 94413 94423 94433 94443 94453 94463
Large 94414 94424 94434 94444 94454 94464
XLarge 94415 94425 94435 94445 94455 94465

KutGlove™ SF Cut Resistant Glove, 10 Gauge, CE Level 5, Stretch Fit

  White Tan Red Green Blue Yellow
XSmall 94311 93521 94331 94341 94351 94361
Small 94312 94322 94332 94342 94352 94362
Medium 94313 94323 94333 94343 94353 94363
Large 94314 94324 94334 94344 94354 94364
XLarge 94315 94325 94335 94345 94355 94365

KutGlove™ Cut Resistant Glove, 13 Gauge, CE Level 4

  White Tan Red Green Blue Yellow
XSmall 94511 94521 94531 94541 94551 94561
Small 94512 94522 94532 94542 94552 94562
Medium 94513 94523 94533 94543 94553 94563
Large 94514 94524 94534 94544 94554 94564
XLarge 94515 94525 94535 94545 94555 94565


Wearer compliance can be dramatically increased with the use of a KutGlove™ Cut Resistant Glove Safety Station. The station provides a home base for cut resistant gloves so wearers always know where to retrieve their required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). When cut resistant gloves are easy to find and visible to managers, compliance levels will increase.

Glove StationGlove Station

Safety Station
This wall mounted equipment station is uniquely designed for storing Tucker Cut Resistant Glovesand also serves as home base so wearers always know where to locate the glove and managers can visually verify the gloves are being worn.
5-Clip Safety Station  
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2 The increased compliance of effective protective apparel directly reduces operational costs.
3 63.8% of restaurant workers report that they have worked while sick - Serving While Sick ROC
4 45.8% of all restaurant workers surveyed had been burned on the job and 49% reported being cut - Serving While Sick ROC
5 BurnGuard Oven Mitts last 10 times longer than Quilted Cotton and COST LESS!
6 There is an NSF Certification for Oven Mitts used in commercial foodservice.
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