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Tucker Safety Products has been manufacturing effective protective apparel designed specifically for the commercial foodservice industry for over two decades. Tucker recognizes that having the right protective equipment for specific foodservice tasks increases employee compliance, reduces the possibility of injury, and decreases risk to the business.

With food safety and cross contamination in the forefront these days, it is more important than ever to utilize effective foodservice apparel that can be cleaned and sanitized and returned to service immediately. Recognizing this important safety factor, all Tucker oven mitts, hot pads, aprons, and more, are designed to be laundered, sanitized and reused many times over (reducing cost and waste) and are far more durable and substantial when compared to commodity quilted cotton products. Even cut resistant gloves have a built-in anti-microbial component guaranteed to never wash out!

Tucker Safety Products, Inc. is proud to make and offer industry-leading brands of safety apparel with exclusive features you’ll get only from Tucker…

Burn Protection

Cut & Sewn Products
Cut and sewn products are for applications where the need for protection from heat, flame, hot liquid, grease and steam are present. These products include Aprons, Oven Mitts, Hot Pads, Sleeves, Gloves, ShinGuards, Handle Covers, Oven Covers, Towels, etc. Cut and sewn products are able to be customized in smaller quantities, which helps with any new product development, custom process, or other special requirements specific to your operation.

Seam Sealed Products
Seam sealed products are specifically designed for the wet and messy jobs where seam sealed protection is necessary. All Tucker seam sealed gloves are made using materials which will withstand oven and fryer-range temperatures and offer a high level of dexterity, comfort and touch sensitivity.

Cut Protection

Cut Resistant Glove Products
Tucker KutGlove products carry Level 5 CE Certification and are designed to provide a high level of comfort and touch sensitivity to enhance compliance. Tucker KutGloves are the lightest weight, wire-free gloves available, offering the highest level of comfort and anti-microbial protection found in any cut resistant glove. Our patented anti-microbial protection is guaranteed throughout the life of the glove.

SafeStep™ Safety Program
The SafeStep™ Program employs the following steps to reduce the number of burn and cut injuries in a kitchen:

  1. Assessment of past injuries
  2. Analysis of kitchen operations
  3. Evaluation of current personal protective apparel
  4. Development of a complete burn and cut injury prevention program with training and solutions based support.



You Should Know
1 Why are BurnGuard Oven Mitts Better than Quilted Cotton Oven Mitts?
2 The increased compliance of effective protective apparel directly reduces operational costs.
3 63.8% of restaurant workers report that they have worked while sick - Serving While Sick ROC
4 45.8% of all restaurant workers surveyed had been burned on the job and 49% reported being cut - Serving While Sick ROC
5 BurnGuard Oven Mitts last 10 times longer than Quilted Cotton and COST LESS!
6 There is an NSF Certification for Oven Mitts used in commercial foodservice.
Testimonies - Read what our customers are sayingNSF - Tucker Safety Products is the first Manufacturer to receive a NSF Protocol Certification

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