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“As technology advances, we must understand those advancements and how we can use them to improve our daily lives. Suddenly, old concepts about traditional products no longer apply.” Vincent Tucker

Statistics show that more than 80% of kitchen burn injuries result from contact with boiling water, steam, hot grease or hot oil. With the cost of keeping your most valuable employees, (not to mention insurance and Workers’ Compensation claims), climbing out of control, wouldn’t you want to do what ever it takes to protect them? The importance of offering a safe and happy workplace means you should never shop for protective apparel based on the cost alone. That would only result in using the same old inexpensive, consumer-level oven mitts that burn up and fall apart, often after a few weeks in commercial service. This is the very reason that Tucker Safety Products, Inc. came into existence. Tucker Safety Products is celebrating 20 years as an established leader in the research, design and manufacture of the most effective protective apparel. The Tucker approach has been successful due to our expertise in the foodservice industry and our commitment to analyzing each client’s needs individually. Our four key foundational elements: Safety, Sanitation, Savings, and Service, add up to the highest level of protection possible for every aspect of your operation.



You Should Know
1 Why are BurnGuard Oven Mitts Better than Quilted Cotton Oven Mitts?
2 The increased compliance of effective protective apparel directly reduces operational costs.
3 63.8% of restaurant workers report that they have worked while sick - Serving While Sick ROC
4 45.8% of all restaurant workers surveyed had been burned on the job and 49% reported being cut - Serving While Sick ROC
5 BurnGuard Oven Mitts last 10 times longer than Quilted Cotton and COST LESS!
6 There is an NSF Certification for Oven Mitts used in commercial foodservice.
Testimonies - Read what our customers are sayingNSF - Tucker Safety Products is the first Manufacturer to receive a NSF Protocol Certification

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